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ISO-TEK® 8100

ISO-TEK® 8100

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Boasting 100% actives, this breathable silane sealer provides long-lasting protection against moisture, freeze-thaw cycles, and intrusion from water and chlorides.

VOC Content



100-400 sq. ft. per gallon - Recommend 2 coats


* Composition - 100% actives nano-derived proprietary sealant
* Exceptional waterproofing - Penetrates deep within the concrete
chemically reacting within the pores and capillaries creating a
long-lasting hydrophobic surface that beads water
* Dramatic reduction in chloride and water absorption
* 100% breathable - Non-film forming. Allows moisture within the
concrete to escape without adverse effects to the sealer. Does not
trap moisture
* Abrasion resistant - Reduces concrete dusting. Provides ease of
maintenance, resists ASR / Alkali attack
* Protects against chloride ion penetration - Forms an effective
chloride screen dramatically reducing chloride ion ingress
preventing deicing salt / chloride damage
* Resist oxidization - Inhibits rust and corrosion of rebar in
reinforced concrete
* Stops moisture intrusion - Stops wind-driven rain, prevents
freeze-thaw damage, spalling, pitting and cracking.
* Resist organic growth - Mold, mildew and lichen
* Department of Transportation - Meets or exceeds DOT
* Provides excellent adhesion for paints


Can be applied to cured, honed and polished concrete - Ideal for horizontal surfaces exposed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic, compatible with silicate densifiers.

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